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Welcome to Ladybird Studios. We are a privately owned, not for profit facility that specialises in the design, implementation and operation of sound, lighting, video and post production equipment. We design bespoke solutions for entertainment and publicity events using building blocks that we have used during many years experience in the field. We are happy to share our designs and help you with upcoming events.

We make working prototypes for real life testing. However we do not sell hardware or software, rather we will advise on where the component parts of our designs may be obtained and on how to construct solutions should you wish to use our expertise.

On the rare occasion we make something ourselves from scratch because parts are not commercially available or only at a rip-off price we may make a small charge to cover our development costs.

Ladybird Studios is owned and managed by
Keith Balderson

We do not store or share any information about visitors to our website. Any request from this website to a third party will be made anonymously. If you wish to contact us please use the contact form.